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Life is more bitter than bile, but if there is no bile, no one can live without it.


If I can be with you, I would rather let the sky all the stars all the damage, because your eyes, is my life the brightest light


People claim that the most beautiful years in fact are the most painful, but only after the memories of the time is so happy.


One thousand people there are one thousand ways of life and the way of life, to change some things, first of all have to find their own back.


I count your smiles every day, but you're so lonely when you're smiling.


How can I have a broken jeans and evening dress, how can my guitar and your piano ensemble.


Time does not wait for me, you forgot to take me away, I left is the photographic firefly, the right hand is ten years a long meditation.


The pain of life, the people will be happy; the happiness of life, will take the person is happy!


If life is a journey, happiness and sadness is the two long tracks, followed by me.


There are some good things in life, but in fact you have made mistakes.


People are always so sentimental, it is worth remembering too much, missing will never stop, once beautiful, today's strange, the future of talk about it.


Beauty needs us to use labor to create, and then in the enjoyment of the United States we feel happy. So let us remember: work, happy!


To miss the love, we will never be confused; is because of regret, so beautiful, or because of the good, so regret.


Each of us, even the most resolute of the most heroic people, in the life most of the time is spent in the fear of failure.


You give me a drop of tears, I saw your heart all the oceans.


When, also occasionally put out a hand? Later, just know, not the world is far away from me, is I in the world, have a surprised look.


Those engraved in the chair behind the love, will not like the cement on the flowers, out of no wind, lonely forest.


The warmth of my life on so many, I gave you, but you leave me, you call me later how to smile to others.


A flock of sheep on the grass grass, a car car, only a sheep not to look at cars quietly grazing, the sheep is very lonely.


If I recall it as hard iron is the smile or cry, if steel as memory like corrosion that here is the happy city or the ruins?


You laugh once, I can be happy for several days; can see you cry once, I was sad for several years.


Afraid of sunlight to my empty pupil, all the feeble are reflected in the face.


Many think we'll never forget the things, as we remember days, we were forgotten.


Life is a cup of water, you put a little sugar, it is sweet; put a little salt it is salty!


Good people, not so hard to meet. Difficult to meet, is a beautiful and deeply love our people.


Whenever I look at the day I do not like to speak, when I speak, I do not dare to look at the day.


It's too little, so it's important to look at the little things.


The original of life is a riot of colours, red orange yellow green blue purple coexist.


People are always so sentimental, it is worth remembering too much, missing will never stop, once beautiful, today's strange, the future of talk about it.


In the secular world, can learn to use a normal heart to treat all around, is also a kind of realm.


If one day we are not together, but also like the same.


Tomorrow's achievements will be more than today's. Improvement will always come from the examination and reflection. Every man should be wise a day.


The waves on the ship moved home Baitouweng, Pu Pu wind. A new scale sea bass fishing, a reed flower children.


Stars fall in each night, again and again for my loneliness.


We all like to wait, stubbornly believe that there is no wrong waiting forever, the good years on this day and day was waiting for consumption.


Spices of life: sour, sweet, bitter, spicy, salty, the earth people know.


Today, another starting point, another round of the sun, please open your mind window, embrace the sun! Embrace today!


Don't let the pursuit of the boat parked in the harbor of fantasy, but should be raised to the struggle of sailing, sail to the real life of the sea.


With all things as a mediocre, master, this is a kind of law. People who don't spread their energy will not succeed.


Time is life. Time will not go back, cherish the present, the future of it.


The whole significance of life lies in the endless exploration of what is yet to be known, and to increase more and more.


Drunk to know wine, love is the only way to know; and only experience this mathematical method will really feel the joy of life, happiness.


The most significant person in life is not the greatest person in life, but the most important person in life.


Lonely people always remember the life of every man, as I kept thinking of you!


Hold my hand, close your eyes, you won't get lost.


If you want to give a definition of a better life, it is comfortable. If you want to go a definition, that is, 35 friends laughing.


My character might be too negative, as long as those sad and poignant, I love.


Upstream has no meaning, but also cannot quit, let the past, go away, all revel.


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