Let's Stay Together

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Dear Kyle,

You are here and we are together. We have plans, we have dreams, and we have love. Do you really want to leave - to let this go away? We have something special, something I almost messed up once, but would never mess up again. What we have is special; many wish to have what we have, so why give up on something so real?

Baby, I may be leaving for college, but I will never leave you. I may not be around physically, but in my heart you are there. Do not compare yourself to the guys in my past, because they would never amount to anything you have, and that's why they were so easy to forget. You are not so easy to forget; you are in every song, every movie, and in my every dream.

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When we are done with this little break, we can finally be together and make our dreams come true. Let's not destroy them before we give them a chance .... I love you baby, so don't run because of what you're scared of, just give us a chance, and you will see the love I have for you.

Love always,


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